Milestones Toys

Educational Toys, Games and Puzzles for Kids

Milestones educational toys are designed to help children develop cognitive and social skills. Our fun puzzles, games & activities will engage kids in learning through play. Shop online for all your toys and educational needs combined!

Connecting the gap between education and play

Every child deserves a chance to learn and grow through play. That is why we have created Milestones Toys, an online educational toy shop where you can find a toy for almost every need – from the youngest of learners to young artists or budding engineers. We believe that children should be given the opportunity to discover their passions at an early age and develop skills that will last them a lifetime.

Subscription Boxes

Want to get the best of our range delivered straight to your door?

Join our subscription boxes option and watch your child embrace every milestone with laughter, play and learning.

For only either R350 or R500 per month

We have 2 box options to choose from for either R350 or R550 per month.

After your 3rd payment, we ship a milestones box straight to your door!

Each box includes 4-6 of our best and most recommended products according to your box price selection

Age & Gender Appropriate

Our boxes are age and gender appropriate to ensure the toys arriving for your little one are well suited.

When signing up please be sure to complete your child’s age & gender.

We also request your child’s birthday as to keep track of when age-specific items should change


Each box that goes out to our little clients includes a variety of 4-6 products, each with a focus on a different area of learning.

You can expect a variety of art to critical thinking products, imaginary play or even reading and so much more.

The products in your box are based on the price option you choose as well as age & gender.

The Finer Details

Yes, the delivery of each box is FREE.

You can sign up and leave at any time.

Boxes go out between the 20th & 28th of each month.

For every 3 payments made you will receive a milestones box.

Payments and products are non-refundable.